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  • Full-service lighting and technologies design firm for commercial and residential projects.

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  • Architectural Lighting Design

    DPDG understands that the interaction between light and architecture is a fundamental aspect of any design. A good lighting design helps to communicate the identity of a space and shapes an individual’s perception of the environment.

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    Custom Media Room Design

    DPDG designs custom media rooms that are precisely designed and engineered to provide the maximum movie and music enjoyment experience for your residence. Media Rooms are much more than just having a miniature theater in your home – rooms today are more flexible, and capable of multi-tasking.

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    Architectural Acoustics

    The “sound environment” or how you hear or understand speech and music in a space is often an overlooked aspect in the design of residences. DPDG works early on with your design professional to help plan and evaluate how your home will perform in hearing sound and music in a space based on the materials to be used in construction.

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    House Audio

    With the advent of digital media and the proliferation of online music options you now have easy access to the entire world’s music. With various speaker technologies available, there are many different ways to enjoy high fidelity audio with little or no visible footprint.

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    Security Solutions

    Security solutions for a residence are much more than just an alarm system for your residence. DPDG works to develop home security solutions that provide response systems for fire alarms and smoke detectors, capabilities for direct 911 emergency support, and security cameras that can provide real-time monitoring of your residence.

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    Home Automation and Networking

    Dependable home networking solutions have never been more critical to ensure fast, reliable connections throughout your home. With new personal technology devices such as smartphones, tables, televisions, laptops, and gaming systems use more and more bandwidth and it’s critical to have a knowledgeable team to optimize the performance of these devices in your home.

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    Who We Are

    Drakes Penwell Design Group (DPDG) is a unique company that understands the interaction and importance between architectural lighting, sound, and the integration of technology within a space to create the perfect environment for our clients. Our passion for design excellence, meticulous attention to detail, and personal involvement from concept to final installation contributes to our success. We welcome new challenges and enjoy finding solutions to make each one of our projects custom tailored to our client’s needs for their project.

    What We Do

    DPDG is a collaborative team of professionals with expertise in architectural lighting design, custom home theater design, architectural acoustics, systems integration, and home automation. Our goals are to make your home safe, elegant, fun and easy to use. Through our expertise and experience we work to enhance the environments for our customers and provide simple control. DPDG’s team are some of the most knowledgeable and experienced in the industry and dedicated to your complete satisfaction, and do everything they can to surpass that goal.


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